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Rare Sumatran rhino born in Indonesia ( image
Boy, 14, and freelance reporter among Palestinians freed ( image
'We fought to get her back,' son says as more hostages released ( image
US military aircraft with eight aboard crashes off Japan island ( image
Uttarakhand tunnel collapse: The story behind this heart-warming father-son kiss ( image
Uttarakhand tunnel collapse: Rescued India workers tell of yoga and phone games ( image
Tributes pour in for investment guru Charlie Munger ( image
Watch: Teen steers runaway bus away from petrol pumps ( image
Bolivia wildfires: Locals care for animals affected by blazes ( image
Sean 'Diddy' Combs steps aside at Revolt TV network ( image
Nikki Haley bags Koch endorsement in bid to replace Donald Trump ( image
Thalidomide: Australia gives national apology to survivors and families ( image
Former US first ladies honour Rosalynn Carter ( image
Finding happiness after the Clutha helicopter crash ( image
Spotify Wrapped 2023: 'Music genres are now irrelevant to fans' ( image
Sandy Hook families offer to settle Alex Jones's $1.5bn debt ( image
Watch: Volcano in Japan spews ash, rock 200m into sky ( image
Child marriage: 'I was sold into marriage for £7 at the age of 12' ( image
New sentence for US lawyer who murdered family ( image
Burlington, Vermont, shootings leave one troubling question: Why? ( image
Rosalynn Carter: Jimmy Carter attends tribute service for wife of 77 years ( image
How the Elgin Marbles scream injustice for most Greeks ( image
Thundersnow and whiteouts as winter weather hits US ( image
Crowds and dignitaries gather for Rosalynn Carter memorial service ( image
Freed Hamas captives tell of fear, squalor and hunger ( image
Pope Francis cancels COP28 visit due to illness ( image
Yoga sect leader Gregorian Bivolaru and followers arrested in France ( image
Pakistan: Woman killed after being seen with man in viral photo ( image
Uttarakhand tunnel collapse: How the 17-day India rescue unfolded ( image
Israel Gaza: Drone footage shows Gazans scrambling for fuel ( image
Miners drill by hand to finally free 41 trapped India workers ( image
Finland to close border with Russia over migrant crossings ( image
Untreated diseases could kill more than bombings in Gaza, WHO warns ( image
Dina Boluarte: Peru's president blamed for protesters' deaths ( image
Sierra Leone violence: Sunday attacks were part of coup attempt - minister ( image
Uttarakhand tunnel collapse: Moment Indian workers freed after weeks ( image
Pet tigers remain in Ghana home despite Accra court order ( image
Ransomware hackers 'wreaking havoc' arrested in Ukraine ( image
French serial killer's ex-wife tried for UK student murder ( image
Japan begins trial sales of prescription-free morning-after pills ( image
Israeli children taken hostage by Hamas reunite with family dog after release ( image
Moment transatlantic flight using 100% green fuels takes off from Heathrow ( image
Ukraine spy chief's wife poisoned, local media report ( image
Crépol murder: French pledge to tackle ultra-right after teen killing sparks protests ( image
Tiffany Haddish DUI: Comedian says she will get help after driving under influence arrest ( image
Released 12-year-old Israeli hostage hugs mum ( image
Impala Platinum mine accident in South Africa kills 11 ( image
Forklift chase: Ann Arbor Police chase 12-year-old boy ( image
Rashmika Mandanna: India actress urges women to speak up on deepfake videos ( image
Niger coup leaders repeal law against migrant smuggling ( image
'Granny, I've been shot,' said Palestinian student targeted in Vermont ( image
Israel Gaza: 33 Palestinians released on fourth day of truce ( image
Israel Gaza: Three-year-old-twins among hostages released by Hamas ( image
Toxic gas putting millions at risk in Middle East, BBC finds ( image
Rustin: Obama-backed film gets Oscar buzz for Colman Domingo ( image
The t-shirt chewing enzyme ready to tackle plastic waste ( image
What may have sparked the mutiny in Sierra Leone ( image
Vaping: Australia to ban disposable vape products from January ( image
When sea levels rise, so does your rent ( image
Chinese Super League: From bidding for Bale to selling the team bus ( image
Elon Musk visits Israel after antisemitism row ( image
Vermont shooting: Victim jumped fence to escape attack after he was hit ( image
Imran Khan's former adviser suffers acid attack in UK ( image
Ninety-eight Christmas trees and a gingerbread White House ( image
Ancient Ukraine treasures returned after court battle ( image
Slovenia Covid: Thousands to get lockdown fine refunds ( image
Gaza families live in tents with no winter clothing ( image
How Hamas built a force to attack Israel on 7 October ( image
Israel-Gaza war: The Red Cross's delicate role in hostage crises ( image
Ukraine and Russia hit by snow storms and floods ( image
Lightning and hailstorms kill 24 in western India ( image
Ghana Cardinal Peter Turkson: It's time to understand homosexuality ( image
Ecuador police arrest alleged leader of Los Lobos gang ( image
Snowstorm causes massive power cuts across Ukraine ( image
US Navy seizes attackers who held Israel-linked tanker ( image
Samuel Paty: Six French teenagers on trial over teacher's murder ( image
Sierra Leone prison breaks were co-ordinated - minister ( image
Israel-Lebanon border: The Irish troops watching Israel’s hidden conflict ( image
Uttarakhand tunnel collapse: Rescuers explore new ways to reach trapped Indians ( image
New Zealand smoking ban: Health experts criticise new government's shock reversal ( image
COP28: UAE planned to use climate talks to make oil deals ( image
Zhongzhi Enterprise Group: China investigates major shadow bank for 'crimes' ( image
Climate protest: More than 100 arrested at world's largest coal port ( image
Kenya abortion: Women go to backstreet clinics amid legal ambiguity ( image
Delhi pollution: Indian Supreme Court's 40-year quest to clean foul air ( image
Vermont: Three Palestinian students shot near US campus ( image
Injured teen freed in latest Palestinian prisoner release ( image
Slick videos or more 'authentic' content? The Israel-Gaza battles raging on TikTok and X ( image
Davis Cup final 2023: Italy beat Australia to win first title for 47 years ( image
Israel-Gaza: Four-year-old girl among released hostages ( image
Dozens kidnapped by motorcycle 'bandits' in north Nigeria ( image
West Bank: Eight Palestinians killed during Israeli raid ( image
Palestinian teenager 'dizzy with happiness' to be freed ( image
For some Israeli hostage families, the painful wait goes on ( image
Elgin Marbles in UK 'like cutting Mona Lisa in half' ( image
Uttarakhand tunnel collapse: Families face agonising wait after rescue delay ( image
Sierra Leone under curfew as prisoners on the loose ( image
Nine-year-old hostage reunited with father ( image
West Bank crowds celebrate as bus carries freed Palestinian prisoners ( image
Gazans take stock of their damaged neighbourhoods during temporary truce ( image
Indo-Chinese cuisine makes a splash in US dining ( image
Your pictures on the theme of 'tiny creatures' ( image
Argentina election: Javier Milei's radical proposals face test of reality ( image
The last of their kind: The unique life of Pakistan's Wakhi shepherdesses ( image
More Gaza hostages released by Hamas despite agonising delay ( image
The homeless handyman and the wealthy widow: Love or something darker? ( image
Ukraine war: Fierce row erupts over 2024 election ( image
Italy rallies to condemn violence against women draw huge crowds ( image
Uttarakhand tunnel collapse: Rescuers to dig by hand to rescue trapped workers ( image
Watch: Moment Israeli boy reunites with dad after hostage ordeal ( image
Long queues for fuel on second day of Gaza truce ( image
Israel's Palestinian prisoner release a 'window of hope' in West Bank ( image
Ukraine war: Kyiv hit by biggest drone attack since war began ( image
Mount Etna sprays lava into Sicily's night sky ( image
Andry Rajoelina: Madagascar president re-elected in contested poll ( image
Trafalgar Square: Norwegian Christmas tree felled ahead of London journey ( image
Derek Chauvin stabbed in prison - US media reports ( image
Gaza hostages: 'My father wasn’t released, but I’m happy for those families' ( image
Week in pictures: 18-24 November 2023 ( image
Khtek: The Moroccan rapper who is grateful to have bi-polar disorder ( image
Harvard under fire for helping elite skip the queue ( image
When this truce ends, the decisive next phase of war begins ( image
Dublin riots: Immigrations complicated role in growing Ireland's far right ( image
What Geert Wilders' victory means for Dutch society ( image
Israel-Gaza: Families' relief as hostages released ( image
France warns people off Black Friday clothes deals ( image
Adult Survivors Act deadline prompts rush of sexual assault lawsuits ( image
Who are the released Israeli hostages? ( image
Gaza hostages deal: 'Until I see them with my own eyes I won't believe anything' ( image
How the Israel-Hamas hostage deal came together ( image
Israel hostages: Freed woman helped out of ambulance ( image
Rainbow Bridge: Police identify couple killed in US-Canada border crash ( image
Giulia Cecchettin's killing sparks Italian reckoning over femicide ( image
Thai hostages: PM Srettha Thavisin confirms dozen Gaza captives released ( image
Israel due to release 39 Palestinian detainees ( image
Dublin riot: 'Huge destruction' after school stabbing leads to 34 arrests ( image
Mario Balotelli: Former Manchester City and Liverpool striker 'in good health' after car accident ( image
Clemence Mtenga: Tanzanian student killed in Israel was a 'leader' to classmates ( image
North Korea: Kim Jong Un celebrates 'space power' after spy satellite launch ( image
Mozambique parliament backs move to extend military service to five years ( image
Oscar Pistorius to be freed on parole ( image
Police bodycam captures traffic stop marriage proposal ( image
Watch: Moment Israel Gaza fighting pause begins ( image
Watch: Fireworks and looting as riot rocks Dublin ( image
Korean true crime fan murdered stranger 'out of curiosity' ( image
Kenya floods: Seven feared dead after crossing flooded river in Makueni County ( image
China trials visa-free travel for six countries ( image
Oscar Pistorius makes new parole bid 10 years after killing girlfriend ( image
Uttarakhand tunnel collapse: Glitches prolong wait for Indians stuck in tunnel ( image
Africa's week in pictures: 17-23 November 2023 ( image
Palestinian-Americans struggle with survivors' guilt ( image
'I thought climate change was a hoax. Now I teach it' ( image
A23a: World's biggest iceberg on the move after 30 years ( image
Davis Cup Finals 2023: Novak Djokovic seals Serbia's win over Great Britain ( image
Could airports make hydrogen work as a fuel? ( image
Quiz of the week: What happened when Blackpink met the King? ( image
Japan ordered to compensate wartime 'comfort women' ( image
Iran secretly executes man over 2022 anti-government protests - sources ( image
Dublin violence: Vehicles set alight and fireworks thrown at police ( image
Macy's Thanksgiving Parade: Annual event stars SpongeBob and minor protest ( image
Rainbow Bridge car explosion: US-Canada bridge still shut after deadly car blast ( image
Pakistan charging refugees $830 to leave ( image
Geert Wilders' victory in Netherlands election spooks Europe ( image
New York City Mayor Eric Adams accused of sexual assault in 1993 ( image
Children among injured in reported stabbing in Dublin ( image
Israeli forces detain director of Gaza's al-Shifa Hospital ( image
Mexico crime: Alleged security chief for El Chapo's sons detained ( image
Ethiopia drought: Fifty die of hunger in Tigray and Amhara amid aid freeze ( image
Indonesia anti-corruption chief Firli Bahuri suspected of extortion ( image
Geert Wilders: Who is he and what does he want? ( image
Moment flash mob ransacks Nike store in Los Angeles ( image
Uttarakhand tunnel collapse: Last-minute snag delays rescue of trapped workers ( image
Rat plague spreads to Australia's fishing towns ( image
Moment car flew before exploding at US-Canada border crossing ( image
Dutch anti-Islam politician celebrates win ( image
Missing Ukrainian child traced to Putin ally ( image
China: WHO seeks data on 'pneumonia clusters' in children ( image
COP28 ‘moment of truth’ for oil industry, says energy boss ( image
Gunmen and sexism: On the road with Mexico's women truckers ( image
Blue whales: Ocean giants return to 'safe' tropical haven ( image
Ex-Obama aide held over anti-Muslim abuse at NYC halal cart vendor ( image
North Korea fully suspends military pact with South ( image
Pakistan’s Kalash people are afraid for their future after Taliban attack ( image
Bhagwa Love Trap: A new Indian online trend causing real-world harm ( image
The Chinese mafia's downfall in a lawless casino town ( image
Cameron Ortis: Canada intelligence official guilty on spy charges ( image
US thwarts plot to kill Sikh separatist on American soil - report ( image
Jake Daniels: Jordan Henderson's move to Saudi Arabia a 'slap in the face' ( image
Guns N' Roses Axl Rose accused of 1989 sexual assault in lawsuit ( image
Dutch election: Anti-Islam populist Wilders ahead - exit poll ( image
Russia sending migrants to our border, Estonia says ( image
Vehicle explodes on bridge between US and Canada ( image
Russian authorities crack down on abortion access amid demographic crisis ( image
Blackpink react as King Charles name-checks them in Buckingham Palace speech ( image
Harry Maguire: Ghana MP Isaac Adongo sorry for mocking Manchester United star ( image
What we know about Israel-Hamas Gaza deal on hostages ( image
Russian actress killed in Ukrainian strike while performing to soldiers ( image
French pilot sentenced for decapitating skydiver with wing of plane ( image
North Korea spy satellite: South partially suspends military deal after launch ( image
Climate change: Rise in Google searches around ‘anxiety’ ( image
Uttarakhand tunnel collapse: Drilling resumes to save trapped Indian workers ( image
Sam Altman: Ousted OpenAI boss to return days after being sacked ( image
Omegle: ‘How I got the dangerous chat site closed down’ ( image
Richard Teng: Who is the new boss of Binance? ( image
Thanksgiving travel: Storm delays thousands of flights ( image
Why Kenya-Uganda oil row is causing regional jitters ( image
Dutch election: Voters choose new leaders in neck-and-neck race ( image
Climate change: The villagers building 100ft ice towers ( image
Rohit Sharma: The Indian captain who lost cricket World Cup but won hearts ( image
Are we any closer to solving JFK's assassination? ( image
China: Human Rights Watch accuses Beijing of closing and destroying mosques ( image
Four Las Vegas teens charged with murder in schoolmate's beating death ( image
Canada's QAnon 'queen' leaves town - but doesn't go far ( image
Binance chief pleads guilty to money laundering ( image
Why Trump’s rivals in Iowa still think they can win ( image
Video allegedly shows A$AP Rocky bearing gun ( image
US court rolls back key voting rights protection ( image
Video shows car interior mauled by a trapped bear ( image
Nicki Minaj responds to Nigerian fan's complaint about tour venues ( image
Israeli strikes kill two journalists in Lebanon - PM ( image
Congo-Brazzaville stampede: Dozens killed during army recruitment drive ( image
Liberia election: Vehicle rams crowd celebrating President-elect Boakai's victory ( image
OpenAI: Microsoft wants changes after Sam Altman debacle ( image
More than 600,000 displaced by floods in Somalia ( image
Israel recalls its ambassador from South Africa ( image
'I had to cut up old clothes to use as period pads' ( image
Blackpink: Fans speculate as K-pop stars negotiate new contract ( image
Palestinian football's 'star defender' among players stuck in Gaza ( image
Abercrombie & Fitch suspends payments to ex-CEO after sex-trafficking claims ( image
Brazil records its hottest ever temperature ( image
Watch: Meeting between Israeli politicians and Gaza hostage families descends into shouting ( image
Uttarakhand tunnel collapse: First video emerges of trapped Indian workers ( image
N Korea tells Japan it will launch spy satellite in days ( image
Robbie Williams fan dies after fall at Sydney concert ( image
Obama, Clooney and Gates: 'We can end child marriage in a generation' ( image
Yahya Sinwar: Who is the Hamas leader? ( image
Elon Musk's X sues Media Matters over antisemitism analysis ( image
Yemen's Houthi rebels release video of Red Sea cargo ship hijack ( image
Can bamboo be big in construction? ( image
How OpenAI created the perfect conditions for chaos ( image
Taiwan opposition's doomed shotgun wedding ( image
A$AP Rocky must face trial on charges of firing gun at childhood friend ( image
Ukraine 0-0 Italy: Azzurri qualify for Euro 2024 behind England with point ( image
Biden pardons Thanksgiving turkeys on his birthday ( image
Trump seeks to halt gag order in election meddling case ( image
BBC assesses footage of hostages and tunnels released by Israel ( image
Jamala: Ukrainian Eurovision winner added to Russia's wanted list ( image
Albania: Opposition politicians set off coloured smoke bombs in parliament ( image
Italy mafia trial: 200 sentenced to 2,200 years for mob links ( image
Israeli tanks surround north Gaza's Indonesian Hospital ( image
Sam Altman: What on earth is happening at OpenAI? ( image
Burna Boy and Rema win inaugural Billboard Afrobeats awards ( image
Shakira: Singer reaches deal over Spanish tax fraud case ( image
Super Junior's Kyuhyun confronted by knife-wielding intruder ( image
A billion hearts break as India lose World Cup final ( image
OpenAI to name new boss after firing co-founder ( image
Uttarakhand tunnel collapse: Rescuers mull new ways to save trapped India workers ( image
Ukraine war: The Russians fighting for a Ukrainian passport ( image
Cheryl Grimmer case: New witness in Fairy Meadow disappearance ( image
Japan condemns Yemen's Houthi rebels hijack of cargo ship in Red Sea ( image
Moments from Rosalynn Carter's life of 'adventure' as First Lady ( image
Dominican Republic: At least 21 dead after storm brings torrential rain ( image
Radical political change in Argentina and an uncertain future ( image
Is it time for America's elder statesmen to retire? ( image
Boss of Australian telecoms firm Optus quits after outage ( image
Former OpenAI boss Sam Altman boss pictured at firm's HQ amid reports of return ( image
Right-winger Milei wins Argentina presidential poll ( image
Liberian leader George Weah hailed for his sportsmanship after accepting defeat ( image
Israel says Hamas killed hostage at Gaza's al-Shifa hospital ( image
Evacuated premature babies arrive at Gaza hospital ( image
US ex-President Jimmy Carter's wife Rosalynn dies aged 96 ( image
ATP Finals 2023 results: Novak Djokovic beats Jannik Sinner to win title ( image
Yemen's Houthi rebels hijack cargo ship in Red Sea ( image
Taylor Swift appears out of breath at Rio concert ( image
Cricket World Cup 2023: Australia stun hosts India to win sixth title as Travis Head hits century ( image
Israel hopeful of Hamas deal to release hostages in 'coming days' ( image
Watch: Crane falls from top of high rise in the Philippines after quake ( image
Putin critic Girkin wants to stand in Russia presidential election ( image
Poland truck protests leave Ukrainian drivers stranded ( image
Don Walsh: The man who made the deepest ever dive ( image
Napoleon's Ridley Scott on critics and cinema 'bum ache' ( image
Ukraine war: The Russians snitching on colleagues and strangers ( image
Gaza war: Premature babies evacuated from al-Shifa hospital ( image
Inside West Bank district under harsh Israeli lockdown since Hamas attack ( image
Argentines choose between polar opposites in run-off ( image
Napoleon Bonaparte's hat to go on sale at Paris auction ( image
Russia says it shot down Ukrainian drone headed towards Moscow ( image
Taylor Swift postpones Rio de Janeiro concert after death of fan ( image
March reaches Jerusalem calling for release of Israeli hostages ( image
Hundreds leave Gaza's al-Shifa hospital as many feared killed at UN shelter (